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Backstreet Boys-Treat me right

Treat Me Right by Backstreet Boys Songfacts

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Album: UnbreakableReleased:
  • JC Chasez, formerly of *NSYNC, collaborated with A.J. McLean of The Backstreet Boys on this song. The 2 boy bands had been hot chart rivals, so the press latched on to the fact that Chasez was now helping them out.
  • A.J. McLean explained: "Writing with JC was actually a really, really interesting process. I mean, obviously he's coming from another vocal group just like us. So he really understands the harmonies, the melodies, and the complex simplicity is what he had mentioned to me once while we were in the studio of what we do, as a unit and as a group. But it was a blast writing with him. I mean, we just sat down at the SSL board and just listened to the track and just started writing. And it just kind of flowed out of both of us. And we just had a really good time. He's a very talented writer; he's a very talented musician, as well as artist. And, you know, I would hope that we could work with him again. I'd hope that I could definitely continue working with him. I think I've developed a really good relationship with him and friendship with him. And it was a fun process to not only write it with him but then to have all four of us and JC in the studio at the same time. And, you know, we told him, hey, if you want to come out for a couple shows, come on out. I think it also shows to people that there was never any discrimination, there was never any animosity between both us and *NSYNC that everybody always put out there in the media world."

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